Dabin Ryu is reviewed by LemonWire with “Wall”

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Dabin Ryu

Pianist Dabin Ryu takes new approach to jazz on “Wall”

Dabin Ryu - Wall CD Cover

“Wall” is the debut album from classically trained pianist, Dabin Ryu. “Wall” is written, produced, and arranged by Ryu. The release contains the short songs “Wall (Pt. 1)” and “Wall” (Pt. 2). Each song is distinguished by being written out, as opposed to improvised. The entire album is marked by Ryu’s passionate and thoughtful approach to music-making.

About Dabin Ryu

Ryu has played piano since age 3. After graduating from high school, Ryu attended Berklee College of Music, where she majored in Jazz Performance and Jazz Composition. She graduated in 2018. Ryu next earned a master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music. During her time as a student Ryu studied with such luminaries as Ralph Petrson, Joanne Bracken, Francesca Tanksley, Kendrick Scott, Buster Williams, Neal Smith, Ted Rosenthal and Phil Markowitz.

Ryu’s performances have taken her around the world. Her shows have been held at places such as Smalls Jazz Club, Zinc Bar, Dizzy’s Club, Scullers, Harlem Stage, Berklee Performance Center, Williamsburg Music Center, CJ Azit, and others. With the Dabin Ryu Quintet, Ryu toured Seoul, South Korea in 2019. During the tour, Ryu served as bandleader.

Ryu’s debut album is made of 10 original compositions. Each song has also been arranged and produced by the multi-talented Ryu.

“I’ll Never Know” by Dabin Ryu

The immediate soundscape is jazz fusion. Guitar and bass play gentle against the shimmer of drums, with the piano underscoring and accenting the entire piece. As the track moves on, the piano takes more of the forefront of the soundscape. The motifs are energized and sparkle deeply. The bass is dark and crashes against everything else for a while.

The piece grows into a true rock-oriented masterpiece with the guitar shining in impassioned chords. The piano grows a bit darker, and the drums are heavier. The song sounds like an adventure. And just when audiences think there will be more rocking out, the song calms down, the heavier beats, the more striking chords playing slower. The piano and drums rush to a fever pitch, then ushers the song out. For any performer this is a feat of engagement.

“Wall” was released June 1, 2021. It is available at fine retailers. For more about Dabin Ryu visit: http://dabinryumusic.com.

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