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New Music Friday
by Paul Wilson







Chris Rottmayer – “Sunday At Pilars” Pilars Records

Residing in the cold enclaves of Madison, WI, jazz pianist and composer Chris Rottmayer was once a pianist for Walt Disney World for one year and since 2007 has been a part time instructor of Jazz Piano at the University of South Florida. He is concurrently working on a Doctor of Music Arts in piano performance. “Pilars” is Rottmayer’s second release and like the previous one, features a piano as the principal instrument. Stylistically, “Pilars” is traditional, piano centric, straight ahead jazz. Most of the twelve tracks are more on the slow and melodic side. The quartet consists of piano, sax, bass and drums. From an audiophile perspective, and perhaps most interesting, this recording was originally recorded on a 2” analog tape. It was then transferred to ProTools for mixing. Mixes were recorded to 1/2” tape and mastered at Masterdisk by Scott Hull. All in all, the sonics were exceptional, even in CD form.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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