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CeCe Gable


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CeCe Gable, Next Year’s Song

CeCe Gable: “Next Year’s Song” – Vocalist CeCe Gable delivers excellent renditions of standards on her new album, Next Year’s Song, with arrangements by Harvie S, who also plays bass on these tracks. Also joining Gable on this release are Alan Broadbent on piano, Roni Ben-Hur on guitar, and Matt Wilson on drums. Though the album contains mostly covers, it opens with an original composition by CeCe Gable and Harvie S, “Next Year’s Song,” which has a warm, optimistic tone. “Next year’s song brings us peace and harmony/Lighting up the days ahead/When we see where we’ve been/And how to begin to live like we know the score.” It feels like we’ve been looking forward to a brighter future for at least six years now, and yet we continue to feel that it is right around the corner. Let’s hope it is. “Let’s be free from the pain and misery/Start all over again.” Yes, it seems that is what it will take. This song features some beautiful work on piano. That’s followed by “No Moon At All,” written by Redd Evans and David Mann. This version has a cool swing to it, and features some delicious work on drums and guitar. There is a good jam in the middle, led by piano. And CeCe Gable is clearly having a good time, cutting loose vocally, particularly toward the end. Then “Two For The Road” features a mellow, but cool lead on bass. Things really start to move with “Just One Of Those Things,” that great rhythm established in its opening moments. Then, halfway through, we are treated to a drum solo, which helps to make this one of my personal favorite tracks. “I’m Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life” is another of this album’s delights, in large part because of CeCe Gable’s vocal performance, which is both adorable and moving, but also because of that drum work. And check out the drums at the beginning of “My Romance.” I also love the way the bass supports CeCe Gable’s voice on her rendition of “Come Rain Or Come Shine.” In addition to the standards, this album also includes two compositions by Alan Broadbent, with lyrics by Georgia Mancio “The Last Goodbye” and “From Me To You,” the latter of which contains a wonderful lead on guitar. “And though there’s an empty chair where you should be/I still can see/The bluest skies/Life keeps moving on.” This album is scheduled to be released on April 22, 2022.

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