Carolyn Lee Jones is reviewed by All About Vocals (Short Takes Feature) with Close Your Eyes

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Carolyn Lee Jones

All About Vocals

by Rudy Palma

Carolyn Lee Jones, Close Your Eyes (Catn’round Sound, 2019)

Carolyn Lee Jones, Close Your Eyes

We have reviewed Miss Jones on previous releases, and each time the evolution of her growth continues to reveal itself. This concept comes into crystal clear focus on her latest endeavor, Close Your Eyes. A unification of jazz and pop standards all smartly arranged to fit nicely in the jazz idiom. This is Jones’ fourth leader album, and as each release is put forth, you can hear a deepening of her delivery, vocal prowess, and ideas. Jones came into the genre later in life, but certainly not late. Her breezy easy-going delivery is as welcoming as the Spring dew. What is most striking about Jones’ is she is herself, it’s not contrived or forced, or trying to reach for the latest trend. It’s easy to hear how she connects to the lyrics as she weaves each storyline to a delightfully finessed performance. 

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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