Cadence Magazine weighs in on Jacqueline Tabor’s wonderful recordings

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Cadence Magazine

January issue 2018
by Robert Rusch

I was not really familiar with JACQUELINE TABOR until I received 3 CDs of her work. She is a full throated singer (just short of a shouter) with every word clear and believable. Her most recent CD, I believe, is the undated recording THE LADY IN THE GOWN [no label 888295 780490]. This performance includes 15 standards [51:33] backed by Greg Feingold-b, Max Holmberg-dms and Cole Schuster-gtr. Schuster makes some scene stealing solos.

Tabor’s THE JAZZ IN YOU [Big Daddy Records 618179-6063-21] was recorded 1/5/14 at Seattle Vespers. This set is live and unrehearsed with backing by Alexey Nikolaev-ss/ts, Randy Halberstadt-p, Clipper Anderson-b, and Mark Ivester-drm. Unrehearsed or not, the band sounds very together. Nikolaev takes a number of strong solos. 12 standards/familiar tunes [52:35] has Tabor in her element and she stretches nicely. Solid songs, solidly executed.


Tabor’s first recording WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD [no label 618179-6056-21 contains 13 standards [50:05] and is less adventurous than the others. Hans Brehmer-p, Larry Holloway-b and Ken French-drm make up the band, as well as Alexey Nikolaev whose muscular sax playing works nicely. The title tune is perhaps the nadir of all the performances here. I’m assuming, from the 2011 copyright date, that this was Tabor’s first release. Listening to her music from then to now one can hear her artistic growth overall. If you’re not from the Pacific north west you might not have had the opportunity to know her work. Correct that and start with her live date.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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