Bman’s Blue Report reviews The Andy Rothstein Band, Truth Against the World

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by Bman

Vemicious Knid Music artist: The Andy Rothstein Band – Truth Against The World – New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Truth Against The World, from The Andy Rothstein Band and it’s quite good. Opening with Perfect Storm, a poppy lighter jazz track, Andy Rothstein leads the way on melody with his agile guitar phrasing, along with Tony Senatore on bass, Tom Cottone on drums, D Pappas on keys, Steve Jankowski on trumpet and trombone and Ken Gioffre on sax. An aggressive drum rhythm by Cottone and soaring keys by Pappas cap off this opener. Blues, is a really cool change up with jazzy underpinnings but square on blues guitar attack. Rothstein has nice blues chops on guitar and Cottone anchors the rhythm on solid rock. Gioffre takes a real nice tenor solo with solid support from Pappas. Cranking up the horns a bit with Jankowski on Trumpet, Mystic Mud has a fusion feel giving Rothstein a chance to let it all hang out. Jankowski slips in the mute and plays sweetly on trumpet in strong contrast to Rothstein’s ripping blues rock riffs on guitar and tight underpinnings by Senatore and Cottone. Hell Mary is an interesting track built over a Jimi riff fused in a Robert Fripp kind of way. Vocal lead by Audrey Martells adds another dimension and of course Rothstein blends blues, rock and jazz riffs over the regimented bass/drum heaviness demanded of this kind of jam. Cool. Wrapping the release is title track, Truth Against The World, with power horns by Jankowski and sax by Gioffre. Lead melody on guitar by Rothstein develops into a real nice improv and further as the intensity grows. A cool diversion by Pappas on keys keeps up the fever but brings down the pitch over a funky drum beat and with Gioffre and Jankowski on horns this is a solid closer.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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