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Billy Test Trio, Coming Down Roses

Billy Test Trio CD Cover

The new album titled “Coming Down Roses” from the Billy Test Trio. This is Billy’s debut as a band leader, as he guides them through these nine tracks, which are mostly originals with a couple of covers thrown in. The album begins with one of those covers, Cole Porter’s “All Of You,” which continues to build with excitement, as the trio inject every emotion into the song. The Billy Test Trio keep it smooth and simple on the gentle touch of “Spinning,” before ramping the energy back up with the intense delivery of “Hardly.” They once again showcase their more elegant side with the mellow touch of “Empty Spaces,” while also giving respect to the late, great jazz pianist John Coastes Jr. with a beautiful rendition of his song “The Prince.” The Billy Test Trio close out their new album with the quiet, emotional touch of “Belonging,” which is how Test feels as a composer on his first album as a bandleader. To find out more about The Billy Test Trio and their latest release “Coming Down Roses.”

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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