Bebop Spoken Here reviews CeCe Gable, Next Year’s Song

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CeCe Gable


Album review: CeCe Gable – Next Year’s Song

CeCe Gable (vocals); Alan Broadbent (piano); Harvie S (bass); Roni Ben-Hur (guitar); Matt Wilson (drums)

CeCe Gable – a new name to me although, prior to this one, she has five albums to her credit.
A captivating voice that entwines the lyrics in the way that Blossom Dearie once did and Daryl Sherman still does. Some fine piano by Alan Broadbent and solid bass by Harvie S, who also wrote the arrangements. Ben-Hur’s guitar playing lives up to the historic precedent of his name (well maybe subtler and more sensitive) and Wilson who, to quote from the blurb, is second to none.
Interestingly, the Georgia Mancio/Broadbent piece The Last Goodbye is given an interesting treatment that complements the original version by Georgia and Alan. To have her lyrics covered by Gable is in itself an accolade to Ms Mancio.
To sum up. A beautifully crafted album by a singer who deserves to be better known this side of the pond. Lance
Next Year’s Song; No Moon at All; Two For the Road; Just One of Those Things; Like a Lover; I’m Gonna Laugh you Right Out of my Life; The Last Goodbye; My Romance; Moments Like This; Come Rain or Come Shine; From me to You.
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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