Audiophile Review gives Flying Horse Big Band a 8.5 Rating

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by Paul Wilson

The Flying Horse Band – “The Bat Swings”


Label:  Flying Horse Records


I have to admit, I stood with this CD in my hand wondering why I ever received it for review. I have reviewed one other work by the Flying Horse Band, however, and despite the CD jacket with its obvious ode to the show Batman, I decided what the heck, let’s give it a spin. Julie Newmar would be impressed.  As would Nelson Riddle. While I don’t own a “Bat Suit,” if I did I would have run down the hall and put it on. This CD is comprised of thirteen tracks of music from the original Batman show. Of course, five of these tracks are what the Flying Horse Band calls the “Bat-Spin.” If you remember the original show, it is that “dedla-dedla-dedla-dedla” sound when the scene changes. Musically, the eight remaining tracks are reminiscent of the big band era and even though the tracks are covers of music written for a 1970’s TV show, from a musical standpoint they could be right at home alongside Glenn Miller or Tommy Dorsey. Bat Suit notwithstanding, I enjoyed the heck out of this work by the Flying Horse Band. What’s next guys, “Mission Impossible?”


Overall:           8.5

Sonics:            8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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