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Anthony Caceres, Something’s Gotta Give Review


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Anthony Caceres is a veteran bassist and can be heard accompany numerous artists in the Houston, TX jazz scene.  Caceres is also a vocalist, and his easy feeling vocal style is unassuming and lyrical.  After serving in the Navy for four years, Caceres studied music at San Antonio Community College and the University of North Texas. Continuing the family tradition, Anthony Caceres toured as the bassist with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, 65 years after Ernie Caceres had been a member. Caceres latest album Something’s Gotta Give, features the indelible talents of Stefan Karlsson: piano Jeff Hamilton: drums Davy Mooney: guitar (1,4,6,7,8) and of course Caceres on bass and vocals.

The vibe of the date is one of ‘one takes.” The energy the ensemble presents is “in the moment” and has a sparkle of that go for it attitude. It is cool to hear a bass player sing and play at the same time. Though not unheard of, it’s still rare.

Bottom Line

Caceres presents a solid collection of tunes. The standards are well paced and well played. Caceres has a voice that is certainly one of an instrumentalist, and I would say he is a bass player first and a vocalist second, but that does not diminish the talent and skill to do both at the same time with such passion. “A Night In Tunisia” has a nice arrangement and it is good to hear the lyrics of this classic tune. Of course, when the solos start, that is when this ensemble really excels. Caceres and Hamilton are an amazing rhythm unit, and Karlsson’s piano playing fits perfectly on top of their buoyant feels. Mooney’s guest appearance is a wonderful augmentation to the sound and his playing is melodic and swings. “I Got It Bad” is a highlight for straight ahead swing lovers. Caceres’ solo is in the pocket with Mooney’s moving chordal structures. Hamilton’s brush work is beautiful. The pop tune “I Melt With You” finds Caceres at his best vocally. A fun date full of in the moment explorations of well-chosen tunes. That’s the short of it!

Something’s Gotta Give
A Night in Tunisia
What Is This Thing Called Love
I Got It Bad
Once in Awhile
So Many Stars
I Melt with You
A Fathers Love for Ant
Autumn Serenade
Stairway to the Stars

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