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Anthony Caceres: Something’s Gotta

Anthony Caceres’ boy-next-door vocals work well as he plays bass with a team of legendary drummer Jeff Hamilton, pianist Stefan Karlsson and guest guitarist Davy Mooney for a winsome collection of standards plus.
His voice is reminiscent of John Pizzarelli, bopping along with Mooney on “Something’s Gotta Give” and bluesy during “I Got It Band.” He and his bass get ominous for a riveting take of “A Night In Tunisia” and he lurks around Karlsson during “Autumn Serenade.” A clever samba’d “So M any Stars” has Hamilton brushing across the room like Fred Astaire heading down to Rio while Caceres gets sleek during “What Is This Thing Called Love.”
Caceres’ own tune is a cozy little thing that’s part story part sermonette, making “A Father’s Love For Ant” a ditty of a delight. He’s got a way of charming each song till the socks roll off.
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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