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Anson Wright


Anson Wright

Anson Wright

Only Love

Saphu, 2019


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A composer, poet, educator, novelist and guitarist, Anson Wright has a long history in jazz music, and here he offers 7 of his originals, while a pair of compositions from Jasnam Daya Singh, who handles piano, make up the instrumental and exciting record, Only Love.

“Rahwey Blues” starts the album with crisp percussion and warm guitar work in the stylish jazz setting, and “Maddie In New York” continues the fun with a playful delivery of proficient rhythm amid a charming delivery.

In the middle, “Chelsea” finds a cautious place to reside with acrobatic piano guiding the way, while “Inner Motion” flows with calculated and dynamic instrumentation between the quartet. “Warrior One”, a late highlight, then crafts strong musicianship around the spirited guitar lines from Wright.

At the end, “All Shall Rise To Thee” benefits greatly from the piano and drums working together, and “Only Love” exits the listen with the longest tune that never out welcomes its stay with gliding precision and a timeless appeal.

Wright often uses blues tones on this breezy listen, and together with Brian Casey on bass, Todd Scott Bishop behind the drum kit and Singh taking up piano, Only Love speaks volumes without words in its versatile execution that’s ambient, focused, and calming alongside its unpredictable patterns.

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