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CD Review: Anson Wright, “Only Love”

Anson Wright has just released his new CD  “Only Love” and it’s a perfect selection for the tough emotional times we are all going through.  Anson Wright has had an unusual life and educational  background that allows him to create music that projects the emotion of love with great understanding and sensibility.  Anson is a graduate of Princeton and did post-graduate studies at Columbia in New York City.   He lived in the East Village and was able to hear live performances at many New York City Jazz clubs.  These experiences moved him to compose and perform music for the finger-style Guitar in addition to immersing himself in the New York literary and alternative education scene.  This represented a 100 percent change of life from the more formal and structured educational environment where he spent much of his early life.  In addition, during this period in his life Anson worked and completed his first novel “Jericho”, taught Guitar and creative writing, ran a trucking company and built cabinets.  How’s that for a balanced life background!

I like Anson Wright’s composing and Guitar playing because it’s very sensitive music that is clear with strong melodies.  It’s just beautiful music!  Anson wrote seven of the 9 songs on this CD and two were written by his piano partner,  Jasnam Daya Singh.

1. “Rahway Blues”
2. “Maddie In New York”
3. “Solstice”
4. “Chelsea”
5. “Inner Motion”
6. “Merci Mon Frère”
7. “Warrior”
8. “All Shall Rise To Thee”
9. “Only Love”

Anson Wright-Guitar, Composer
Jasnam Daya Singh- Piano, Composer
Brian Casey- Bass
Todd Scott Bishop- Drums

I have attached two “YouTube” videos for your listening enjoyment.  The first one is a an Anson Wright original “Rahway Blues” and the second one is a Jasnam Daya Singh original “Merci Mon Free”.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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