Anson Wright is reviewed by Jazz2Love with his new album Only Love

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Anson Wright


Album Review: Only Love from Anson Wright

Album:  Only Love
Artist:  Anson Wright
Label:  Saphu Records

Guitarist-composer Anson Wright fashions smooth blues with a flare for ambient ruminations on his latest release Only Love.  His sonic reflections flow with a stream of consciousness that induces soothing ripples from start to finish.  The recording features all original modern jazz instrumentals with seven compositions written by Anson Wright, and two compositions by his pianist Weber Iago (aka Jasnam Daya Singh).

The breezy musings orchestrated by Wright on “Solstice” whisper softly in the listener’s ear as Jasnam Daya Singh’s piano keys twinkle with an undulating gait. The moonlit ringlets in the melodic trimmings canvassing “Chelsea” circle around the listener, focusing the instrumentation on producing a winsome sonorous.  Wright’s guitar chords shape slinky verses along “Inner Motion” that resemble a gently tempo-ed samba, transitioning into balladry swivels through “Merci Mon Frère.”  The bluesy tone of Wright’s chord patterns create a balmy ambience for listeners.

Relaxing and harmonious, the music maintains an elevating stride throughout the recording.  Motored by Wright’s improvised scrolling on the guitar, the quartet shapes ambient passages, exhibiting an organic penmanship.

Anson Wright – guitar
Jasnam Daya Singh – piano
Brian Casey – bass
Todd Scott Bishop – drums

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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