And the winner is……Jack Kilby and the Front Line

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THIS YEARS WINNER in the “Best Jazz Album,” category is Jack Kilby and the Front Line. The chart-topping album Love Is A Song Anyone Can Sing, has been winning ears across the globe.  Led by drummer, Jack Kilby the group is poised for greatness. Jack Kilby and the Front Line was formed in 2014 in New York City and includes members from New York, Washington DC, and Virginia while also spanning several generations of musicians. Kilby, age 29, and bassist Kris Monson, 26, both grew up in northern Virginia and attended the University of Virginia where they met veteran trumpeter John D’earth who directs the UVA Jazz Ensemble and is a centerpiece of Charlottesville’s music scene. There they also met tenor saxophonist Charles Owens (46), who had grown up in northern Virginia and went on to spend a dozen years in New York City performing with some of the world’s finest musicians. During their time in Charlottesville, Kilby and Monson’s relationships with D’earth and Owens blossomed from teacher-student to a brotherhood bound by their love of music. The group’s sextet formation was solidified upon Kilby meeting trombonist Elad Cohen (29) in New York, another kindred spirit who shared his love for Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. Washington D.C. native and master pianist Allyn Johnson rounds out the rhythm action for the band’s debut album.”

DC is the beneficiary of world-class music creatives who enrich and inspire millions of people around the world. In an effort to celebrate, honor, and uplift these creative heroes, The MusicianShip has undertaken the critical task of preserving the Wammie Awards. The Wammie Awards is a 31-year-old award show aimed at recognizing DC area artists and musicians for their artistic works. We will re-introduce this storied community event, upholding its values, while infusing it with meaningful innovations and a contemporary flare that includes, and enriches, a diverse audience of art enthusiasts. As a 501(c)(3), focused primarily on music education for at-risk youth, The MusicianShip is excited to meld our mission with a mature community of stakeholders to uncover shared value around changing lives with music.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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