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Brilliant saxophonist Troy Roberts brings his band of brothers Nu-Jive together for NATIONS UNITED – a recording the represents the countries of each of the members; US, Australia, Venezuela, India, the UK, France, Ireland and Portugal in music that draws from musical cultures of Indian Classical music, West African polyrhythms, 20th Century Classical music, Venezuelan Merengue, Gospel, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Funk, and R&B. The music here is a spectrum of fusion, funk, modern jazz, typified by the respect and heritage of straight-ahead jazz.

The ensemble – Troy Roberts – saxophone, Tim Jago – guitar, Silvano Monasterios – piano/keyboard, Eric England – bass, and David Chiverton – drums

The tracks – Funkafarian, Tribes & Tribulations, Mind Melder, Linger, Big Night In, Sobrino, Big Daddy Ghetto-Rig, Five Nations, Hypnagogia, and Dreamstation.

Just what we all need right now – fine music, and the realization of the unity of us all.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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