LA Jazz Scene reviews Alexis Cole in the December issue

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Alexis Cole

LA Jazz Scene (December issue)

by Scott Yanow

Alexis Cole - CD Cover

Alexis Cole, Sky Blossom. Yanow says; “A very good jazz singer with an appealing voice, swinging phrasing, impeccable musicianship, and the ability to perfectly place her notes, Alexis Cole has had an unusual life. She was born in New York, grew up in Florida, spent time living and singing in India, Ecuador, and Japan, and spent 2009-15 in the Army where she sang with the West Point Band’s Jazz Knights. Sky Blossom is a salute to her Army period. Not only had she recorded most of these pieces with the Jazz Knights, but she used the same arranger, Scott Arcangel. With a big band led by trumpeter Jeff Jarvis, Alexis Cole is heard throughout in top form. Among the many highlights are the opener “Joy Spring” (which has some particularly creative scat-singing), “Pure Imagination,” “Triste,” “How I Wish” (a vocal version of Thelonious Monk’s “Ask Me Now”), and “Social Call.” There are also many great solo moments from the sidemen including trumpeter John Castleman on “Joy Spring,” Bob Sheppard on soprano during “Pure Imagination,” a hot alto solo (probably by Derrick James) on “All Blues” and Jarvis during “Trieste.” It is to Alexis Cole’s credit that not only is she not overshadowed by the top-notch musicians but she sounds quite inspired by their presence. Scott Arcangel’s arrangements swing and bring out the best in the singer. Sky Blossom, which is one of Alexis Cole’s strongest albums, is easily recommended and available from

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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