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Frank Kohl


Frank Kohl


The Crossing

Self-Released, 2020


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A long running jazz guitarist, Berklee College of Music graduate and Seattle resident Frank Kohl returns with a 5th album as leader, where he offers originals and standards as John Stowell and Steve LaSpina accompany him.

The title track starts the listen with elegant and soothing dual guitars and much lush expression, and “O Grande Amour” continues the graceful sounds as acoustic bass and nylon string guitar complement Kohl’s prowess on the Bossa Nova influenced tune.

Further along, “The Goodbye” brings the mood to a more contemplative setting alongside spirited and warm sounds with plenty of emotion, while “Yesterdays” gets playful and rhythmic with an arpeggiated approach that dances and flows with timelessness.

Near the end, “Sojourn”, an original, gets bass heavy with much embraceable swing, and “Brigas Nunca Mais” exits the listen bare but effective with LaSpina and Kohl’s guitars playing off each other well in a precise effort that few could replicate.

Kohl released his first album in 1981, and here he proves that he’s still as relevant as ever, as the trio deliver meticulous, artistic and jazz inspired song craft that’s easy to absorb and hard to forget.

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