Alan Rosenthal is reviewed by Jazzweekly with Elbow Grease


Pianist Alan Rosenthal reflects a warm touch on the ivories as he presents his own compositions sans one in a variety of settings ranging from solo to sextet. Working alone, Rosenthal displays a warm and personal touch as he opens things up on “Another Sky” while the trio sessions with Brian Glassman/b and Mike Camenni/dr present a stately waltz in “Blue J” a boogalooing “Drop Me Here” a fascinatingly rhythmic take of “They Didn’t Believe Me” and room for Glassman to display his charms on “Old-Fashined Valentine.” Saxist Peter Brainin joins in with John Loehrke/b and Steve Johns/dr for a sublime soprano on”Monk Over Marrakesh” and bears down on tenor with the leader on a modal “Dextrously.” A full-sized unit is a swinging  “Up The Kazoo” is clear and robust, with Rosenthal guiding traffic like a cop in Times Square. Impressive and alluring.

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