Aimee Allen receives a stirring review from Audiophile Review

New Music for November 16

Artist: Aimee Allen – “Wings Uncaged”

Label:  Azuline Music

I was only into the second track of eleven when I wrote in my review notes ‘stellar voice.” Pittsburg, PA native Aimee Allen grew up listening to legacy artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. Her early beginnings were on piano but soon enough, discovered her love of singing. The eleven tracks are all vocal inspired and musically, are rather soft and melodic with only bass, piano and drums. Despite this, the presentation is very listenable and refreshing. I was swept along by Allen’s voice slipping in and out of the orchestration. This is a traditional vocal jazz work through and through – one that is skillfully performed and masterfully sung.

Overall: 8 Sonics: 8

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