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With a crystalline voice that can glide or soar, Aimée Allen can entrance a listener. Based in New York, after being raised in Pittsburgh and spending time in Paris, Allen is emerging as an exceptional, inspired jazz artist. With her latest album, “Wings Uncaged,” Allen truly takes flight. She opens with a righteously refined rendition of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Skylark.” She brings her own distinctive magic to such familiar tunes as “Autumn Leaves/Les Feuilles Mortes” (sung in French and English), “Save Your Love for Me,” Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Fotografia,” and “Midnight Sun,” which was written by Lionel Hampton and Sonny Burke, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

But equally impressive are Allen’s originals, beauties such as “Shooting Star,” In My Web” and “Night Owl.” Her “Democracy How (Harmony and Dissonance)” proves profound and thought-provoking. There’s a wonderful warmth to Allen’s vocals. And they’re enhanced by the polished accompaniment of a first-rate trio — bassist François Moutin, pianist Billy Test and drummer Kush Abadey.



Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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