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Acute Inflections


by Tom Haugen




8/10Self-Released, 2021

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This May marked 40 years since Bob Marley passed away, and the duo of Acute Inflections, i.e. Elasea Douglas and Sadiki Pierre, are commemorating his life by interpreting a handful of his classic tunes with their bass and vocal formula.

After the brief, playful “400 Years Interlude 1” opens the album with careful plucking from Pierre and Douglas’ flawless pipes, they continue that approach to the very melodic “Stir It Up”, as well as charming, and soulful “No More Trouble”.

Closer to the middle, “One Love” flows with a dreamy, poetic quality where the pair retain the relevant spirit of the original, while “Concrete Jungle” emits an emotive demeanor amid an eloquent foundation. “Slave Driver”, one of the album’s best, then displays chunky bass as incredible singing unfolds with an alluring appeal you can’t help but be in awe of.

Near the end, “Get Up Stand Up” keeps the anthemic delivery of the original alive in a very pretty climate, and “Exodus” exits the listen with a very mature and technical finish that you’ll be singing along to immediately.

Douglas possesses a stunning set of pipes that are wise, intimate and capable of much diversity, and Pierre certainly knows his way around a bass, and together they turn reggae hits into groove filled jazz that continues Marley’s message of love, freedom and unity.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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