Acute Inflections receives an 8/10 rating with Take Effect for Electric Psychology

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Acute Inflections


Acute Inflections

Electric Psychology

Self-Released, 2019


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Acute Inflections, Electric Psychology
A bass and acoustic duo from New York, Sadiki Pierre and Elasea Douglas, aka Acute Inflections, brings us some varied covers as well as 4 originals on this 3rd album.

“My Name Is” starts the album with soaring vocals and bass plucking on the sparse tune, and “New York, New York” follows with a playful and soulful version of the classic.

Near the middle, “A Thousand Years” offers hushed vocals alongside a sensual atmosphere, while “Besame Mucho” finds a soothing place to reside with meditative humming and gorgeous vocal acrobatics.

Deeper cuts bring us the frisky, upbeat, danceable “At Last”, and the pretty, intricate original “Come Out Love”. “The Ascension”, another one of their own, ends the listen with a breezy approach of agile melody and jazz influenced timelessness.

The pair do much with the elegant and versatile pipes of Douglas, and Pierre’s skilled bass certainly anchors down the landscape on these intimate yet adventurous light jazz gems.

Travels well with: Billie Holiday Velvet Mood; Erykah BaduWorldwide Underground

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