Jazz Sensibilities reviews Acute Inflections | Someday At Christmas

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Acute Inflections

Acute Inflections | Someday At Christmas

by Icrom Bigrad

acute-inflections-christmas-cdAcute Inflections is back and releasing their take on Stevie Wonder’s classic, “Someday At Christmas,” just in time for the holiday season! The ever-creative duet of vocalist Elasea Douglas and bassist Sadiki Pierre transform this piece, combining classical and jazz, while highlighting the hopeful dreams we all share.

The opening sounds of “Someday At Christmas,” are of Pierre bowing a melody before Douglas’ voluptuous voice enters. The two create a sultry mix of bass and vocals that is a fresh sound for Christmas and adds an intimate mix to any playlist or event. In time, Pierre moves to pizzicato to build a swing feel for Douglas’ slinky voice to play upon. Douglas’ vocalizations at the end are playful and festive; and together they capture a truly joyous sound for the holidays.

“A velvety mix of Erykah Badu & Billie Holiday paired with the cool grooves of her 007 on bass” is what one reviewer called the duo.  I have to say, that sophistication and allure of the sensual is present throughout their performance of this classic Wonder tune.  The two present a worthy rendition worth adding to any collection or playlist for the holiday season.  A fresh pick!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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