Luca di Luzio is reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Magazine

O’s Place Jazz Newsletter
by D. Oscar  Groomes

Luca Di Luzio    –    Globetrotter

O’s Notes: Guitarist Luca Di Luzio has performed with many jazz bands over the last decade or so. His latest album is Globetrotter with drummer Dave Weckl, George Whitty on keys, saxophonist Max Ionata and bassist/producer Jimmy Haslip. There’s a lot of warm soul on this one with a smidge of Latin and a lot of groove. That’s Di Luzio’s formula as he chronicles his musical life with seven originals and two standards. Luca steps out on a number of cuts with buttery, liquid melodies that makes things pop. Haslip lives up to his billing shining throughout the set including a funky solo on “Jazzlife”.

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