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3D Jazz Trio


Album Review: I Love To See You Smile from the 3D Jazz Trio

Album:  I Love To See You Smile
Artist:  3D Jazz Trio
Label:  DIVA Jazz
Website:  3divasjazztrio.com

A collection of jazz standards tweaked and reimagined, I Love To See You Smile from the 3D Jazz Trio is a melting pot of skillfully syncopated beats and vibrant exchanges between the trio.  Comprised of pianist Jackie Warren, bassist Amy Shook, and drummer Sherrie Maricle, the music is performed to put a smile on the listener’s face.

The slinky strut of Warren’s keys cruising along “Moonglow” has a burlesque flare as the syncopated beats of bassist Shook and drummer Maricle induce a sensual feel protracted by their chord movements. The trio’s harmonic form pronounces an elegance that is synonymous with the likes of Oscar Peterson’s orchestras and Mary Lou Williams’ bands. Moving onto the jumping blues romper “Back at the Chicken Shack,” the jaunty rhythmic pattern of Jimmy Smith’s tune displays a boogie woogie swagger in the trio’s presentation as the musicians freely wiggle, skip, and trot across the track, all done while adhering to melodic sensibilities that show the trio’s sense of refinement and agility.

The sleek stride of the keys lobe and gleam vibrantly across “Angel Eyes” while anchored by the leisurely gait of the bass and drums.   The trio’s synchronicity on this track is pristinely arranged.  Demonstrating the trio’s diversity to play Latin-tinged verses, “Recado Bossa Nova” is performed with an energetic lilt in the keys that spritzes the tune with flowery flourishes.  Following along, the trio segues into a languid tempo through “When You and I Were Young,” which strewn a sensual strut in the instrumentation that elicits a dreamy state of mind in the listener.

Pupils and torchbearers of swinging boogie woogie and sensual stride, 3D Jazz Divas display an elegance and agility in their playing that is inviting and engaging for listeners.  The recording embodies the trio’s objective to bring joy, laughter and smiles to their listeners.


Jackie Warren – piano
Amy Shook – bass
Sherrie Maricle – drums

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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