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CATCH A FIRE! Acute Inflections: 400

While I appreciate reggae music, and even saw Bob Marley in concert back in the day, the limiting factor of this Jamaican export is that it tends to sound the same. Well, the problem is solved with this incredibly clever take of Marley’s material by bassist Sadiki Pierre and vocalist Elasea Douglas. The come up with the ingenious and swinging idea to take the Rastafarian Songbook and put it into duet form, and it works as deliciously as jerk chicken.

Pierre gives a funky pulse for Douglas to ride on during “Stir It Up” while the two go into deep subtones on a soulful “Natural Mystic”. A slow and folksy “I Shot The Sheriff” gives a fresh feel, while the two pulsate and  percolate on “All Day All Night”. There are some rich harmonic excursions on “One Love” with some earth tones produced on “Concrete Jungle”. The two show how to bop as Douglas bounces on “High Tide Or Low Tide” and the pair give a haunting moonless read of “Redemption Song”. One of the strongest vocal albums I’ve heard in years. Any tours coming up. WHEW! Intimacy that grabs.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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