Jazzweekly reviews Alex Martin: Folk Songs, Jazz Journeys

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Alex Martin


by George Harris

Alex Martin: Folk Songs, Jazz Journeys

Guitarist Alex Martin takes you on a world tour of six stringed sounds and atmospheres with his core team of Keith Butler Jr/dr, Ethan Foote/b and a collection of guests to fit the soundscapes. Born in France, but living for the most part in North Carolina, Martin shows a deft eclectic mixing of traditional tones from various world regions, for example bringing in Deepak Shenoy’s tabla to mix with Bruno Lucini’s  triangle and lithe vocalist Elin Melgarejo for a festive South American “Asa Branca” and a danceable “Triangulo”. Dreamy impressions are formed with Lynn Veronneau giving a poetic read to Martin’s nylon strings on “Le Temps Des Cerises” while Gaby Kerdoncuff’s trumpet joins with the strings on a jazzy “Laride”. Martin plugs in for a swinging trio take of “The Kudzu, The Dust and You” while giving a Cumberland gap feel on acoustic guitar with Uasuf Gueye’s balafon on “Postal De Bata”. Panoramic pictures of sound.


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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