Jazz & Blues Magazine reviews Acute Inflections, 400

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by Ron Weinstock


“400” is a tribute to Bob Marley by the New York-based
duo Acute Inflections. The duo consists of vocalist Elasea
Douglas and bassist Sadiki Pierre. Douglas has a varied
dance and performing career in addition to developing as
a vocalist. She was in the original Broadway production of
“Fela.” She initially was trained as a classical vocalist, and
Pierre received training as a classical bassist, but they both
found it confining. With her tuneful singing, he provides
percussive, melodic, and groovy bass lines.

She certainly has an attractive voice and is skilled in
phrasing, although the intimate bass-vocal duets pose
limitations. It also does allow her to help focus on Bob
Marley’s lyrics which still resonate today in our continuing
troubled times. Particularly noteworthy are the renditions
of “I Shot the Sheriff” (where she slows down the vocal
as she enunciates the lyric), “Redemption Song” (a particularly
lovely vocal), a reflective “Waiting in Vain,” and
an ardent “Get Up Stand Up.”

Given the austere setting of the performances (particularly
when compared with Marley’s original recordings,
listeners will likely appreciate this recording by listening
to several selections at a time instead of listening in one
sitting. It is very different from listening to Marley but in
its own way, “400” is a moving, heartfelt tribute.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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