Jazz2Love reviews Shadows Fall from Jonathan Karrant & Joshua White

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Jonathan Karrant & Joshua White


Album Review: Shadows Fall from Jonathan Karrant & Joshua White

Album:  Shadows Fall
Artist:  Jonathan Karrant & Joshua White
Label: JKR
Website:  www.jonathankarrant.com

The duet of vocalist Jonathan Karrant and pianist Joshua White come together on Shadows Fall.  Their collaboration seeps into the listeners skin, holding them in rapt attention as the program moves through a medley of jazz standards and classic pop tunes..  Karrant’s vocals sink deep into the listener’s soul as White’s easy-riding saunter cushions the melodies in glimmering embers.  The collection has a timeless quality, sure to be relevant through the ages.

Karrant’s personalized delivery along “Being Me,” one of Abbey Lincoln’s signature pieces, is striking, accentuating poignant words and lodging meaningful inflections along the phrasing.  Karrant’s and White’s melodic sensibilities are genuinely in sync, honing a repartee that is magnetic and appealing.  Karrant parlays Holly Knight and Mike Chapman’s song “Simply the Best,” made a pop hit by Tina Turner, into a cabaret novelty as White’s sparse excursions adhere vibrating twinkles along the track.  The duet gives the track a majestic quality through their sparseness, emphasizing each of their individual strengths to emote when the current takes them.

Karrant and White’s musical connection is palpable throughout the recording, each feeling comfortable going off on independent flights, allowing the music to guide their travel.  Though the pair move in unison on numbers like “Detour Ahead” and “I Try,” it is discernible that Karrant and White don’t follow a road map but allow themselves to be absorbed into the melodies and course improvised surges.  There is no delineation between themselves and the words and music.  They own these songs though the material is written by other artists as the pair capture the essence of the songs.

Karrant and White have been journeying along separate routes that crossed, enabling the pair to collaborate for Shadows Fall.   Prior to discovering their musical connection, Karrant called Arkansas home and grew up in a home filled with music.  He acquired a taste for the spotlight, performing in local variety shows, plays, commercials, and as a guest vocalist with a big band, finding work in New York City and Los Angeles.  White, on the other hand, shied away from the spotlight and sought to study jazz piano and competing.  Shortly after placing in the top two as a finalist of the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Piano Competition, White began performing as a soloist and musical collaborator all over the world.  The duet’s roads crossed, forging a stunning collaboration, and creating material that has an ageless zeal.

Jonathan Karrant – vocal
Joshua White – piano

Kari Gaffney

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