Jonathan Karrant and Joshua White are reviewed by Take Effect with “Shadows Fall.”

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Jonathan Karrant & Joshua White




Shadows Fall

Self-Released, 2021


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Jonathan Karrant, an accomplished jazz vocalist, is aligned with the esteemed piano talent of Joshua White on this collection of classic standards, where the pair illuminate their respective talents with poise and precision, including interpretations you wouldn’t quite expect under the jazz umbrella.

“Simply The Best” starts the listen with precise, warm piano as equally cozy vocals express much emotion in the heartfelt opener, and “My Romance” glides with sublime singing as an indeed romantic spirit unfolds with firm keys alongside upbeat moments as well as some playful vocal scatting.

Further down the line, “Lush Life” moves cautiously, but not without some frisky moments of strong vocal acrobatics and divine piano playing, while “Wrap Your Troubles In Dream” glides with a timeless appeal that benefits from scatting and soothing melodies. “So In Love”, another reflective track, then gets dreamy, eloquent and showcases a meticulous interaction between the two.

The final two tracks, “My One And Only Love” and “Bring Me”, continue the well thought out landscape, where the former is nothing short of timeless beauty, and the latter parallels the greatness of legends like Sinatra or Connick Jr., amid much soulfulness.

An intoxicating listen that’s full of charming interplay between the pair and even shows us a humorous side on occasion, let’s hope this isn’t the only time that Karrant and White will collaborate, cause their chemistry certainly deserves more attention.

Travels well with: Brian Woodruff SextetA Centering Peace; Dan Moretti- Tres Libre

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