JAZZ2LOVE reviews Lost in a Dream from Kristin Callahan

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Kristin Callahan


Artist:  Kristin Callahan
Label:  Ivy Door Music
Website:  https://kristincallahanmusic.com

DC-based vocalist Kristin Callahan wraps verses around the calming aesthetics of bluesy swing and bossa nova on her new release Lost in a Dream, a balmy collaboration with co-producer, arranger, and bassist Eliot Seppa. Following up her previous albums A New Love and One Magic Day, Callahan projects an introspective voicing on her latest endeavor, often in the backdrop of breezy instrumentation promulgated by Matvei Sigalov on guitar, Tom Teasley on percussion, and Mark Prince, Carroll Dashiell III, and Lee Pearson on drums.  Also accompanying Callahan is Seppa on bass, Joe Herrera on trumpet, and Matt Rippetoe on saxophone.

Callahan’s melodic sensibilities are prevalent throughout the recording, demonstrated exquisitely in her soothing timbres draping around Teasley’s undulating percussion on Duke Ellington’s exotic “Caravan” as Rippetoe’s saxophone articulates hypnotic shimmies along the track.  The whispering strokes of Sigalov’s guitar ripples coat “The Shadow of Your Smile” with a warm, meditative texture as Callahan’s vocals emote a lamenting vibe.  The thoughtful sentiment emanating from her delivery is penetrative as she stirs up the listener’s imagination in the samba-driven “Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise,” groomed with the percolating toots of Joe Herrera’s trumpet.

Callahan displays a leaning to bring out the melodic luster of each musician, presenting the arrangements at their best.  Her delivery evokes emotion in the listener from experiencing pleasure to sorrow.  Callahan projects an intimacy with her audience that gives the impression the two can be freely candid with each other, empathizing with one another and consoling each other, making a perfect match.

Kristin Callahan – vocals
Eliot Seppa – bass
Matvei Sigalov – guitar
Tom Teasley – percussion (frame drum, caxixi, cowbell, conga and cajón)
Mark Prince – drums
Carroll Dashiell III – drums
Lee Pearson – drums & conga
Joe Herrera – trumpet
Matt Rippetoe – saxophone

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Kari Gaffney

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