JAZZ2LOVE reviews Bredux: collected edges from Kaylé Brecher

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Kayle Brecher


Album Review: Bredux: collected edges from Kaylé Brecher

Artist:  Kaylé Brecher
Label: Penchant Four Music
Website:  http://www.brecherjazz.com

Vocalist Kaylé Brecher spotlights her expressive voicing, approaching her song choices on her ninth release Bredux: collected edges with an avant garde-bent.  Selecting tunes that enable her to exercise her talent for vocal improvisation and to explore the nuances inherent in her register, Brecher’s arrangements brim with authenticity, fusing her eclectic taste with modern jazz arrangements.

Brecher’s vocals elicit a distinct ambience in each track from the soothing tone of her timbres whisking across the island breezes of “Under Paris Skies,” propagated by Todd Groves’s piccolo, to the jumping jive strut in her versing along “Spy Music.”  Changing to a burlesque sway through “Cool,” Brecher’s scatting asserts her expressive side, bringing out her flair for improvising sounds.

The spontaneity in her singing displays her instinct for performing from a genuine place inside her.  A rare and unique quality to possess, Brecher exercises the skill with the confidence of a savant.  Her personality is reflected in each track, and she isn’t shy about letting this aspect in her vocals free.

Listeners know they experienced a unique performance when they hear Brecher singing.  As a young teen, she sang blues and standards in the clubs of Greenwich Village.  Whatever she discovered about herself then remains with her, and has enabled her to develop an eclectic taste that is entirely of her own.

Kaylé Brecher – vocals
Guitars:  Jeff Lee Johnson, Ron Jennings and Frank Butrey
Piano:  David Dzubinski and Michael Louis Frank
Bass:  Ratzo Harris, David Blaetz, Paul Klinefelter, and Chico Huff
Percussionists:  Doc Gibbs, Edgardo Cintron, Rick Lopez, and Kaylé Brecher
Drums:  Grant Calvin Weston, Erik Johnson, Mathew Ferguson, Tony DeAngelis, and Grant MacAvoy
Saxophone Quartet:  Ron Kerber (soprano), Tony Salicandro (alto), Ben Schachter (tenor), and Bill Zaccagni (baritone)
Brass Section players:  Jimmy Parker – sousaphone, Barry McCommon – bass trombone, Stan Slotter – trumpet
Charles Ventrello: saxophones and flute
Todd Groves – piccolo
Matt Cappy – trumpet
John Swana – trumpet
Ben Sutin – violin

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