Kenney Polson is reviewed by Audiophile Review with “Colors of Brazil.”

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Audiophile Review

by Paul Wilson

Kenny Polson – “Colors of Brazil” Rosetta Records

Imagine being in Rio de Janeiro in a packed nightclub dancing until 3 AM to the cacophonic rhythms of high octane Bossa Nova. Not your style? Fear not because the latest release from master jazzman Kenny Polson has your back. Imagine lounging on one of Rio’s world class beaches while sipping umbrella drinks. Don’t want to travel? No worries, ole Kenny sets the mood with his latest release of Brazilian styled music in “Colors of Brazil.” Having traveled to over fifty countries performing jazz, his time is Brazil is among his happiest. No wonder his latest release is a tribute to that style of music. He doesn’t stop there, however. There are hints of World music including African and even Japanese influences scattered throughout. Polson obviously took these musical cues from his time spent traveling the globe. All this from a guy born in Kansas City, MO and who makes his home on the West Coast. Polson has made his career combining musical styles like R&B and Smooth jazz. So, the world influences on “Brazil” make sense. Most importantly, they ebb and flow so naturally, meld in and out so seamlessly they may easily go unnoticed – almost hiding in the background. I have been listening to Kenny Polson for years. I have really enjoyed his music for the most part. Other performers, however, piqued my interest and captured my attention. On this release, Kenny Polson shines through in an immense manner and has created a work of truly impressive World Jazz. All one needs is a disco or a sandy beach in Rio. Or a stereo system, whichever is easiest.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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