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Audiophile Review

by Paul Wison

Steve Hunt – “Connections” Spice Rack Records

Steve Hunt has toured the world as a jazz band leader, composer, and performer. He spent ten years as the leader of the Jazz Explosion, a jazz ensemble that toured the world. Oh, and he also serves as an instructor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts where he lives and has a recording studio. “Connections,” Hunt’s latest release, is a collaboration of sorts, pairing Hunt with some of his friends and notable acts in their own right. Some of these more notable acts include Jimmy Haslip and famed John Patitucci on bass, and one of my all-time favorite saxophonists, Eric Marienthal. “Connections” has a New Age / Traditional Jazz feel to it, this not surprising as artists like Chic Corea and Herbie Hancock are among his influences. This is a work that might also be termed reflective as two of the nine tracks are dedicated to different individuals. I enjoyed “Connections” not only because of the contributors but also because it was music that was easy to listen to and in a way, sort of spoke to me.

Overall: 8 Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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