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Howard Levy & Alan Goidel Slide Attack



by Tom Haugen


Road Trip

Self-Released, 2021


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An aptly titled band led by the trombonists Alan Goidel and Howard Levy, Slide Attack are well versed in jazz standards, popular songs, bebop, hard bop, and, on this outing anyway, originals that touch on many different facets of jazz sounds.

“Spring Roll” gets the album off to a lively start, where tumbling drumming from Chuck Zeuren and frisky piano from Hiroshi Yamazaki complements the bright and soulful brass, and “Road Trip” follows with a bouncy spirit that benefits from Levy and Goidel’s flowing trombones alongside the dynamic rhythm section.

Residing near the middle, the playful “Struttin’” emits some Latin influences amid a charming energy, while “Look Within” moves slowly, emotively and with Michael Goetz’s skilled bass plucking adding much to the reflective climate. “Owen”, one of the most animated tunes present, then shuffles with an infectious delivery that you can’t help but move your body to.

Approaching the end, “Early Morning” showcases precise drumming and soothing brass mixed into a timeless jazz presence, and “Bluedemic” exits the listen vibrant, swift and with all the members showcasing their respective talents in the textured, thriving climate.

Inspired by the group formerly spearheaded by J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding, Road Trip is nothing if not a good time, as Slide Attack’s joyful version of jazz and proficient rock influences make all of these 9 tracks worthy of repeated listens.

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