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Brian Woodruff Sextet



By Tom Haugen


A Centering Peace

QJOG, 2021


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The drummer and composer Brian Woodruff brings several esteemed players with him for these 9 originals, where his 3rd outing at leader offers diverse and precise songs that shine in both loud and firm moments, as well as soft and agile environments.

“The Welcome Song” leads the listen with Lisa Parrott’s atmospheric saxophone alongside Elisabeth Lohninger’s sublime vocals in the cautious jazz climate, and “What Happened” follows with a lively energy of soulful trombone from Alan Ferber as frisky drumming thanks to Woodruff anchors the adventurous and warm spirit.

Landing near the middle, “War Paint” displays incredible synergy between the players as Pete McCann’s glowing guitar work mesmerizes in the rock filled landscape, while “Pirouette en Dedans” glides softly with an emotive delivery that highlights the soothing brass acrobatics from Mike Rodriguez. “Every Detail Minding”, the album’s best, then showcases solos from Woodruff, Parrott and Ferber with no shortage of Wayne Shorter influence.

Deeper into the listen, “Freeway Doctor East” flows with an up tempo approach of timeless jazz sensibilities, and “King Size Blues” exits the listen with Lohninger returning on vocals as the break up song emits much depth and emotion.

A very heartfelt and often eloquent affair, Woodruff and company radiate a strong chemistry while still soloing with much effectiveness, as their melodies, grooves and soaring song craft make for a first rate album that’s as unpredictable as it is charming.

Travels well with: Troy Roberts & Tim Jago- Best Buddies; Dan MorettiTres Libre

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