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A New York City artist who is classically trained, Kenny Carr knows his way around a song that embraces jazz, blues, funk and fusion ideas, as evidenced by this 9th album that welcomes Richie Morales on drums and Lincoln Goines on bass.

“Tune 77” starts the listen with precise, warm electric guitar as frisky drumming aligns well with the grit and melody present, and “Springs” follows with a calmer pace as the trio work together dynamically to produce spirited and playful blues rock.

Landing in the middle, “Distance” displays Carr’s sublime guitar playing alongside the skilled drumming, while “Funk Delux” will indeed get your body groovin’ to the funky swagger. “Arrival”, a very noteworthy tune, then gets busy with flowing textures that are as firm as they are inviting.

Approaching the end, “Like Old Times” bounces with a contagious energy that you can’t help but admire, and “Primal Scream” exits the listen spotlighting the bass acrobatics in a punchy and thriving conclusion.

Amazingly, 6 of the 9 tunes here are over 25 years old, but they sound very modern, as Carr’s expertise in guitar, synth and keyboards are in top form on an appropriately titled effort that will sound just as great 25 years from now, too.

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