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by Russell Trunk

Blue Muse CD Cover - It Never Entered My Mind



Title – ‘It Never Entered My Mind’ [EP]
Artist – Blue Muse
For those unaware, Blue Muse was formed in 2013 after saxophonist Sarah Lee left her 20-year career in Information Technology and pursued her passion, jazz.

While attending Jacksonville University she brought together a group of eclectic and passionate jazz musicians which became Blue Muse.

Six years after releasing their debut album Blue Muse Live, the group made it back into the studio during 2020 and recorded It Never Entered My Mind.

It Never Entered My Mind culminates the group’s love for harmony with horns, akin to such groups as, the Jazz Messengers. Hard swing, soul jazz and west coast cool combine to transport the listener to a moment in time where jazz was cooler than cool.

1. ‘One by One’
2. ‘It Never Entered My Mind’
3. ‘Nutville’
4. ‘Sweet n Sour’
5. ‘Freedom Sound’
6. ‘Ping Pong’

Opening on the emotionally refined, upbeat ambiance of ‘One by One’ and the more cultured, thoughtfully artful title track ‘It Never Entered My Mind,’ next up is one of my own personal favorites on this EP, the funky pop-jazz bounce of the ’70s-imbed ‘Nutville.’

Following in much that same vein, next up is the terrific finger-snapper ‘Sweet n Sour’ which is in turn backed by the more methodically crafted ‘Freedom Sound,’ with this quite vivacious and playful EP coming to a close on the perky, almost cinematic sounds of ‘Ping Pong.’

Blue Muse has performed at venues all over the southeast including the Jacksonville Jazz Festival After Dark series and will begin a summer tour 2021 at venues such as Arts Garage, Delray Beach. Their debut release Blue Muse Live reached #6 on the CMJ Jazz charted on the Roots Music Jazz charts.

Players & Instruments:
Jarrett Carter, guitar
Cody Wheaton, bass
Javian Francis, piano
John Medico, drums
Jack Miller, drums
Sarah Lee, tenor sax
Steve Strawley, trumpet & flugelhorn
Lance Reed, trombone

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