Audiophile Review weighs in on Lyle Workman’s “Uncommon Measures.”

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Lyle Workman

Audiophile Review

by Paul Wilson

Lyle Workman – “Uncommon Measures Blue Canoe Records

While he might not be widely known by name, Lyle Workman has composed soundtracks for hit movies who in total have grossed over a billion dollars. He has been a career in demand session player. Now, he brings together all his worlds in his latest release, “Uncommon Measures.”  This release is uncharacteristic in several ways. One, I could not really define it by a single genre. It has hints of jazz, rock, orchestra, I mean you almost name it. I also kept getting the feeling this work harkened back to his days producing movie soundtracks. Several songs sounded like they would be right at home in a 1970’s big budget movie with an intense car chase, one terrorizing the streets of some large city. Another surprising fact is that this release was recorded totally live. And by live, I mean at famed Abbey Road Studios in London. By no less than a 63-piece orchestra. I suppose his association with a wide and varied list of artists as a session player influenced his own orchestrations. Because while I did not feel compelled to classify “Uncommon Measures” by any one definable genre, what I can say is that it was a stunning, absolutely, positively remarkable collections of songs – all expertly crafted, orchestrated and performed.

Overall: 9.5

Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

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