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David larsen

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by Paul Wilson

David Larsen – “The Mulligan Chronicles David Larsen Productions

To say that the latest release from David Larsen is a cover of the music of Gerry Mulligan is a complete understatement. Already possessing multiple degrees, Larsen is currently pursuing a PhD from Washington State University where he is specifically studying Mulligan’s music. In preparation of beginning this work, Larsen visited the Library of Congress to study and examine handwritten musical scores and other information contained in the Library’s archives. Mulligan’s own work was varied and ranged from symphonic to big band, to film to small bands. Done in a traditional jazz style, Larsen’s efforts in paying tribute to someone he obviously and greatly admires is very well served. All thirteen tracks are traditional jazz and arranged in a way that they just flow along. They are not hurried, nor do they lack movement. The music just happens. Anyone who is a fan or devotee of Gerry Mulligan will, I feel sure, really enjoy the latest work from David Larsen.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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