Lyle Workman is reviewed by JazzWeekly with his album “Uncommon Measures”

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Lyle Workman


Lyle Workman: Uncommon Measures






Guitarist and composer Lyle Workman has carved out an impressive career as sideman for the likes of Sting, Norah Jones and Beck, as well as composing for films and movies such as Superbad, The 40 Year Old Version and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This impressive album features Workman in a setting with a a collection of drummers including Vinnie Colaiuta, bassist Tim Lefebvre among others, Jeff Babko/key, various strings, reeds and horns, and even a choir at times for a wonderful and  panoramic collection of sounds.

There’s a sweeping mix of rock guitar and wondrous orchestra on pieces like “North Star” and the wondrous “Arc of Life” . There’s some nice tenor sax work by Ron Dziubla on the sinewy “Unsung Hero” and creative woodwinds by Chris Bleth on the sweeping “All The Colors of The World”, but Workman shows he can rock it in a 70s styled pumper on “Rise and Shine”. There is a soundtracky feel to the album, such as during the folksy “Labyrinth of Love,” but that works to his favor, allowing you to picture things in your mind as the sounds take over. Rich rewards.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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