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by James Pasinsky

Steve Hunt | Connections

Steve Hunt

Jazz pianist Steve Hunt recently released his latest studio album titled “Connections.” It features loads of special guests who Steve has connected with over the years and the songs have a special connection to him. Steve has performed along side many great jazz artists like Freddy Hubbard, Kenny G and Allen Holdsworth, and has invited Jimmy Haslip, Vinnie Colaiuta and Gary Husband (just to name a few) on his new album. The new nine-song release begins with funky rhythms and energetic sax of “Now’s The Time,” which continues to build with energy. Next, Steve pays homage to the Native Americans, with the eleven-minute tribal flow of “Prayer For A New Day (Cherokee Morning Song),” then delivers the jazz fusion piece “First Creation,” led by the guitar work of Randy Roos. Steve Hunt finally shows off his skills on the keyboard for the more ambient flow of “Carry On,” before finishing his new album with the energetic solos of “Le Zonage Trois” and the nearly fourteen-minute free form jazz closer “Connections.”

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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