Steve Hunt is reviewed by Exclusive Magazine with his new album “Connections.”

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by Anne Carlini

Steve Hunt

Title – ‘Connections’
Artist – Steve Hunt

For those unaware, throughout his career, pianist Steve Hunt has stayed true to an uncompromising vision of composing and performing jazz music from his heart.

Steve has continued to push himself technically, focusing on a musical style that is both challenging and meaningful.

After recording and performing with top Boston jazz musicians such as Randy Roos and Tiger Okoshi, and leading his own jazz fusion band, Steve spent the next ten years on the road with several renowned jazz artists such as Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke, Angela Bofill, Tom Brown, and Allan Holdsworth.

Steve’s international touring took him to countries such as Japan, Israel, Austria, France, England, Italy, Sweden, Argentina, Australia, and major cities in the US and Canada.

Furthermore, Hunt reached a significant milestone, producing his solo jazz CD From Your Heart and Your Soul (BMI).

Indeed, for the promotional release tour, Steve organized a quintet including Gregg Bendian, John Lockwood, Ole Mathisen, and Bruce Bartlett.

Holdsworth’s more recent CD releases, including Secrets, Wardencliff Tower, and Hard Hat Area, as well as featuring Steve on keyboards, also include Steve’s original tunes ‘Maid Marion,’ ‘Joshua,’ and ‘Dodgy Boat.’

While touring with Holdsworth, Steve was featured in the Japanese edition of Keyboard Magazine (July 1991 and March 1993). Other noteworthy recording contributions by Steve include Stanley Clarke’s CD releases If This Bass Could Only Talk and East River Drive.

Hunt’s latest release entitled Connections (out now via Spice Rack Records), is aptly titled, not only exploring collaborations with longtime friends who all have noted careers themselves, but also the universal connection that binds each of us in the universe that transfers through Steve’s latest leader release.

1. ‘Now’s The Time’
2. ‘Prayer for a New Day (Cherokee Morning Song)’
3. ‘Memories Of Sherwood’
4. ‘First Creation’
5. ‘Carry On’
6. ‘Quantum Entanglement’
7. ‘Le Zonage Trois’
8. ‘Full Plate’
9. ‘Connections’

Opening on the beautiful, free flowing ambiance of ‘Now’s The Time’ he backs that up with the simply mesmerizingly stunning musical opus ‘Prayer for a New Day (Cherokee Morning Song)’ (featuring both Joshua Hunt and Sophia Wackerman on vocals), which in turn is followed by the translucent appeal of ‘Memories Of Sherwood’ and the more pronounced, methodically cultured sonic jam ‘First Creation’ (featuring lush percussion from Jorge Bezerra).

Next up is the early ’80s jazz hipsway of ‘Carry On’ which is followed by the shimmering, sax-enhanced (Ole Matheisen) ‘Quantum Entanglement,’ with the album rounding out on the drum-led (Billy Cobham) ‘Le Zonage Trois’ and the swirling dancefloor-esque ‘Full Plate’ (featuring some mighty fine alto sax work from Eric Marienthal), closing on the magically divine, near 14-minute epic title track, ‘Connections.’

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Kari Gaffney

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