Melbreeze is reviewed by Jazz Blues Magazine with “I Love Paris.”

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by Ron Weinstock


Born in Turkey but now residing in Los Angeles,
vocalist Melbreeze has collaborated with Bill Cunliffe
Big Band, Jimmy Haslip, and Alan Pasqua. She has
also collaborated with Scott Kinsey for several years,
including two recent albums. “I Love Paris is the first
co-produced album between the two, with Kinsey handling
the keyboards and Trilian bass. Other notable
persons playing on this set included Tim Hagans on
trumpet, guitarists Yotam Silverstein, Josh Smith and
Pedro Martins, Doug Webb on tenor sax, and Gary
Novak on drums.

Melbreeze sings in a sultry, evocative manner, halfspoken
at times and at other times sung with a soft purr,
like a cottony Eartha Kitt. Kinsey has surrounded her
usually with atmospheric settings that suggest some
of these performances would fit in on a film noir. An
unusual halting rhythm and Hagans’ haunting trumpet
provide the ambiance for “Autumn Leaves.” It is an
introduction to an unusual repertoire of mostly standards.

Brad Dutz’s marimba and percussion, along with
Hagans’ electrified muted trumpet, lend a distinctive
tone to her sorrowful singing on “I Fall in Love Too Easily.”
There is a unique arrangement to her elucidation of
Oscar Brown’s lyrics to Bobby Timmons’ “Dat Were.”
With train sounds in the opening, there is a touch
of nostalgia in her rendition of “Sentimental Journey”
with Webb’s tenor sax solo. Her vocal includes a mashup
with a Turkish children’s game song. On “Don’t
Explain,” her restrained speak-song vocal is framed
by Dutz’s percussion with Silverstein’s nuanced guitar
solo. She engages in some storytelling on the title
track, which is followed by a smokey rendition of “My
Funny Valentine” with Josh Smith’s blues-inflected
guitar solo. Then there is the Joey Heatherton-like flirty
sexiness of the performance of “What Lola Wants,” with
Hagans’ trumpet adding musical color.

Melbreeze has produced an entertaining and intriguing
recording with considerable charm.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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