JPs Music reviews David Larsen’s “The Mulligan Chronicles”

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by James Pasinsky
Jazz saxophonist David Larsen is preparing the March 5th release of his tribute to the legendary jazz artist, Gerry Mulligan. What began years ago as a study of Mulligan’s music has cumulated with the release of “The Mulligan Chronicles,” which features Mulligan’s music performed by Larsen, along with special guests, some of whom have played with Gerry Mulligan during his lifetime. The new thirteen track release begins with the upbeat tempo of “Walkin’ Shoes,” which gives the members of the band to stretch their legs with some solos of their own. The album was recorded in one session and you can almost feel the honesty of the music in songs like “Curtains” and “Lonesome Boulevard,” as it was performed on that day in January back in 2020, before the world got turned upside down. The energy picks up with the swift movement of “Idol Gossip” and “The Flying Scotsman,” which fully shows off Larsen’s talents on the baritone sax. The album finishes with the smooth, almost spontaneous delivery of “Out Back Of The Barn” and final swing of horns on “Taurus Moon.” To find out more about David Larsen and his latest release “The Mulligan Chronicles.”
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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