Lyle Workman is reviewed by Amazon with his new album Uncommon Measures 5/5 Stars

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Lyle Workman


Lyle Workman CD Cover Uncommon Measures

Guitarist/composer Lyle Workman celebrates his career with this exemplary recording that features a 63-piece orchestra performing live at Abbey Road Studios in London. As Workman states, ‘This record ties together all the different threads of who I am as an artist. It was four years in the making due to my film and TV schedule, but it’s really the culmination of a lifetime of music. I’ve always felt like the muse is much more intuitive and in touch with my emotions than I am. Writing these songs, I tried to just go into this tabula rasa state of mind, a meditative place where I could let the music tell me where to go.”

In addition to the orchestra, Lyle (on electric and acoustic guitar, keys) is joined by Vinnie Colaiuta, Abe Laboriel Jr, Toss Panos, Donald Barrett, and Matt Chamberlain – drums, Tim Lefebvre, Dan Lutz, and Sam Wilkes – bass, Jeff Babko – electric piano, organ, Charlie Bisharat, violin, Wade Culbreath – vibes, marimba, glockenspiel, Katisse Buckingham – alto sax, Ron Dziubla – tenor sax, Jamie Hovorka – trumpet, Chris Bleth – oboe, flute, Greg Leisz – pedal steel, and the LACHSA Choir – Aleta Braxton (choir master), Skylar Lehr-Bryant, Leilani Patao, Rachel Goodman, Monique Ramirez, and Coco MorI.

Lyle wrote all but the final song on the recording and his creativity surges. The tracks are North Star, All the Colors of the World, Noble Savage, Arc of Life, Imaginary World, Unsung Hero, Labyrinth of Love, Rise and Shine, and John Ashton Thomas’ Our Friendship.

Dramatic and sweeping, this is a recording of the music of an accomplished artist to cherish.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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