Roots Music Report reviews DiCosimo/Pagan’s “Con Moto”

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Pagan DiCosimo

Album Review of

Con Moto

Written by Joe Ross
February 1, 2021 – 3:19pm EST

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It’s all about the groove, and organist Bill DiCosimo and bass player/vocalist Edgar Pagán create a solid, uplifting one with their fusion of jazz, funk, Latin, soul and rock. After twenty years performing together, the duo decided to record Con Moto (“forward movement”) and enlisted the support of stellar musicians to help out. Producer Jimmy Haslip tracked additional bass, synths, percussion, and background vocals. DiCosimo provides beautiful keyboard passages, in enchanting musical conversations with Jeff Richman or Nick Kellie’s guitars, or Paulie Cerra’s horns. Karma Auger, Gary Novak, Jimmy Branly and Jose Varona contribute drums and percussion to the album’s powerful rhythmic intensity. On their tight, inventive covers of “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Cisco Kid,” DiCosimo sticks to B3 organ, and Jeff Lorber guests on keyboard.

Con Moto’s seven tracks include five DiCosimo/Pagan originals, such as bright and breezy “So It Begins” and the funky “Blues Clues,” a showpiece for DiCosimo on his Hammond organ. “Samba Pagan” is an engaging piece with a unique combination of contemporary elements with retro 60s effects, while “Taino Spirit” is full of danceable Latin hustle. The album ends too soon with the musicians’ original reggae tribute to peace, love and unity, “Show the World,” with Pagan encouraging us to “stick together and walk side by side.” Besides DiCosimo and Pagan, that bonus track includes Bob Halligan Jr. (vocals), Joshua Dekaney (percussion), Hideo Matsufuji (guitar) and the Senzoku Gakuen College Music Choir (backing vocals). With its red-hot spark, Con Moto’s lively and inspirational music is welcome now more than ever. Their good vibes will ignite a firestorm of comfort, joy and optimism. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)

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