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Igor Kogan


by Robert Nicosia

CD Review: Igor Kogan, “In A Big City”

Bassist, Composer and Bandleader, Igor Kogan has recently published his debut studio album, “In A Big City”.  This album comprises the personal reflections of Kogan’s own experiences living in different places.  Igor wrote the music on this album for his Jazz quintet.

Igor was born and grew up in Russia and then moved to Israel when he was fifteen.  Later he moved to the US and lived for several years in New York before moving to Los Angeles.  Kogan says,  “All the places I lived in are Big Cities and the main move which is most related to the music in the album is the move from Israel to the US, nine years ago.  It is profoundly personal and is when I began my professional music career”. 

The songs and sounds on this CD while new are very much in today’s music environment, they also pay tribute to the historical path of Jazz in America.  It always fascinates me when I find a great Bass player who also can compose and lead the way for his own group.   When I do find a great Bass player composer,  they usually all have a great understanding of melody and musical construction.   Igor Kogan is an excellent example of what I am talking about.  His compositions are built on Igor’s personal reflections of his own experiences living in different places.

Igor explains that the first tune on the CD, “Takeoff”  is an optimistic piece emoting a feeling of forward-motion for good.  When the airplane physically takes off the ground,  you are also taking off mentally, filled with new beginnings,  big hopes and fulfilling dreams.  The composition starts with a wonderful Tenor solo from Jeremy Lappitt and is quickly followed by a beautiful Trumpet solo from Joshua Aguiar.  And if that is not enough to fill your Jazz appetite, the Pianist Marco Apicella provides more.  Not to be left out of the mix, Igor Kogan steps up next to show us why he is considered one of the best Bass players on the scene today. The song runs 9:19 minutes long and I never tire of listening to even one second of it.   I have attached a “YouTube” of “Takeoff” for your listening pleasure.

The second “YouTube” I have attached is the recording of the song “Vocalise” sung without words by perhaps the foremost Jazz Vocalist performing today, the always spectacular Tierney Sutton.  After listening to Tierney Sutton’s free improvisational wordless dialogue on this recording, you will fully understand why she has received 9 Grammy Award nominations.  Igor wrote this song with Sutton in mind knowing her voice and style would fit perfectly.  He was so right!  The song starts slowly but builds dynamically and emotionally with a Flugelhorn solo by Joshua Aguiar that creates an emotional climax.   A marvelous piece of music from Igor Kogan and a surpurb vocal performance by Tierney Sutton.


1. Takeoff

2. Qwerty aka False Start

3. Expectations

4. Illumination

5. Emergency Call

6. Bass Introduction

7. New York Blues

8. Vocalise (Feat. Tierney Sutton)

9. Big City


Igor Kogan- Bass

Jeremy Lappitt- Tenor Sax

Joshua Aguiar- Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Marco Apicella- Piano

Matthew Baker- Drums

Tierney Sutton- Vocal (Track 8)





“Vocalise” Featuring Tierney Sutton

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