JPs Music reviews DiCosimo/Pagan: Con Moto

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Pagan DiCosimo

JPs Music

by James Pasinsky

Pagan DiCosimo CD Cover
Musicians Bill DiCosimo and Edgar Pagan have been performing music together for over twenty years, backing up artists like Dave Valentin, Bela Fleck and Wayne Newton just to name a few. Now, the duo decided it was time to release their own album titled “Con Moto” (meaning ‘forward movement’), which features an all-star line-up of musicians, including 3-time Grammy winning producer Jimmy Haslip. The new release features seven tracks (5 originals, 2 covers), beginning with the smooth, jazz flow of “So It Begins,” as you instantly feel the chemistry between these artists. The album continues with an exciting, rock infused version of “Magic Carpet Ride,” before delivering the Latin flair of “Samba Pagan.” The duo add a bit of funk to their sound with “Blues Clues” and their cover of War’s “Cisco Kid,” before finishing with the inspirational, healing sounds of “Show The World.” To find out more about this latest collaboration between Bill DiCosimo and Edgar Pagan, please visit
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